12182735_902818566478130_2414745230207215666_oMilieukontakt International Albania (MIA) and Regional Council of Vlora, organized on 27th October 2015 at Vlora city the Informative Workshop of project “Satellite Near Real Time Monitoring Network for the Eutrophication Risk for the marine waters over the Greece-Albanian cross border area”. The project is co-financed by the Europian Union and by the National Funds of Greece and Albania under the IPA cross border Program “Greece-Albania 2007-2013”.
The workshop brought together the project partners MIA, Regional Council of Vlora, Epirus Directorate of Water (EDW) and representatives of public institutions: Ministry of Agriculture (MBZHRAU), National Environment Agency of (AKM),Regional Environment Agency (ARM), Regional Administration of Protected Areas (AdZM Vlora), Vjosa Basin Agency, Prefecture of Vlora and Civil Society Organizations. The purpose of the workshop was to present the project SAIMON, informing the scientific community and the general public for the Eutrophication risk of marine waters and technological innovations that the project will utilize in monitoring data in real time on both sides of the border Albania –Greece.
Chairman of Regional Council of Vlora Mr. Sadrit Danaj reflected on the importance of the project implementation in Vlora and institutional cooperation with the three partners of theproject said that :

“The experience gained so far in the management of the IPA cross-border projects” Greece – Albania 2007-2013 ” opens before us, engagement of local and national stakeholders to establish a joint inter-institutional agency, composed by institutions , associations, businesses and individuals for regional economic development and incrise the quality of life on both sides of the Greek-Albanian border.
Seeing the quality of water as a strong indicator of tourism development in the southern area, projects such as SAIMON need to address problematic issues that may arise. The participation of experts from all relevant institutions in project implementation, it is important that this project serves to the entire area,by adding indicators and other monitoring points.”

Ms.Valbona Mazreku, director of MIA highlighted that coordination at the local level, realized by the Regional Council of Vlora is a promising initiative to take concrete steps that affect reality and address the environmental problems from identification until they are resolved by the relevant authorities. While MIA is taking this coordination at the national level by interacting with institutions such as line ministries, NEA and projects of international organizations to raise the issue from local into central level working together at the same time to raise community awareness.
From Greek partners, the representative of the Water Directorate of Epirus, Mr. Konstantinos Galanis explained the importance of the Water Framework Directive implementation for both border regions and stressed that cooperation in addressing common environmental problems, but also the compliance of the legislation in force of the two countries with the EU Water Framework Directive are an element to raise standards and its effective implementation in Greece and Albania.
Workshop was greeted from representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, NEA and projects in the area, highlighting the commitment for cooperation and synergy between projects.