Information and Publicity

Communication strategy and plan of the project will be enriched with 4.000 copies of the leaflet containing project information will be produced in 3 languages Al-Gr-Eng; 2000 copies of fact sheet with data, figures and results from the project will be produced by the end of the project and delivered in project area; A logo of the project; The task includes the production of press releases and newspaper articles for ensuring the maximum visibility of the project results.

For the promotional needs of the project a website will be prepared which will focus so much as on publicising the EU support for the action as much as on the outcome and impact of it. Video, photos, and text will be gathered from the personnel.

3 workshops in each capital of the Region will be organized inviting the regional and National Media, so as the project to gain the maximum visibility and publicity. Invitations will be prepared and sent to relevant people coming from Environmental Authorities and Local and Central Government.

Action 2.1 Multilingual Project communication package
Action 2.2 Workshops
Action 2.3 Website