10440963_711108185641689_900404685153281997_nSatellite Near Real Time Monitoring Network for the Eutrophication Risk for the marine waters over the Greek-Albanian cross border area” (SAIMON) gathered in Ioannina representatives from Milieukontakt Albania, Vlora District, environmental experts and the Decentralized Administration of Epirus – Water Directorate.
The meeting aimed to establish collaboration at a high level between the Greece and Albania and lead the bilateral relations towards finding solutions for common problems, by implementing a coordinated environmental protection action under the eutrophication risk.
Coastal waters and their quality is one of the central government priorities and of course of local government, as it has direct impact in the development of economy and tourism of the area. Implementation of Water Framework Directive and coordination among institutions are very important for establishing a political and technical cooperation among both countries that will be end result of the project. Satellite monitoring of coastal waters and their validation through in situ data measurements in different areas of south coastal, will ensure real data and in time for water quality, risk of eutrophication and addressing problems to take proper measures.
The project covers the coastal area of Corfu, Thesprotia and Vlora. Partners of this project are all the responsible authorities for the marine waters: the Decentralized Administration of Epirus and Western Macedonia; the Region of Ionian Islands and Regional Council of Vlora.
In the meeting of October among other issues it was discussed on how to increase public awareness for environment protection and continues information of public and other institutions on monitoring data and measures taken to ensure coastal water quality.
The project is financially supported by European Delegation in the frame of IPA CBC GR-AL program.