Objectives of the Project

1- To establish collaboration at a high level between the two countries and lead the bilateral relations towards finding solutions for common problems.
2- To implement a coordinated environmental protection action targeted to the common problem of the eutrophication risk over all the marine coastal waters of the eligible area of the IPA CBC program.
3- To help the responsible authorities to comply with EU directives and national legislation.
4- To make use of the evolution in the Earth Observation technologies and ICT, by integrating those to the everyday working life of the Public Administration.
5- To integrate relevant scientific knowledge in solving a common environmental problem.
6- To raise awareness to the public for the need of protecting the coastal marine environment.

1. To establish a Near Real Time and continuous satellite monitoring service for the eutrophication risk over the total eligible coastal area of the program, which will be available via the internet to the citizens, the scientific community and of course the responsible authorities.
2. To detect specific coastal areas where the eutrophication risk is higher than usual and argument so much as on the causes of the problem as much as on its impact.
3. To make a final report with clear indications that will be based on the integration of the satellite remote sensing data with the on site data collection, so as the responsible authorities (which participate as partners in this project) to undertake actions that will better address the common problems of the coastal areas.