Expected Outputs

1. Creation of a network of persons in charge of the responsible by law authorities, regarding an important environmental issue for all the eligible coastal marine area of the IPA CBC program.
2. Creation of a common database related to the eutrophication risk of the coastal marine waters of the total eligible area of the program with organized satellite and on site measurements data.
3. Development and implementation of a Satellite data Handling and Management System, parameterized to the needs of the three Public Administrations, with the ability of Near Real Time diffusion via internet of the results.
4. Production of reports for the validation results, the evaluation of the measurements (satellite and insitu) and the proposed relevant actions for the protection of the coastal marine environment from the eutrophication risk.

Expected Results

For the first time in Greece and Albania will be jointly developed and implemented, at a public authority level and not for research purposes, a very innovative approach in addressing the environmental problem of the eutrophication risk. Now-days the Earth Observation techniques and Satellite Remote Sensing are mature enough to provide solutions, but on the same hand they are always on the forefront of innovation. The monitoring tools that will be produced will provide a continuous monitoring network which will be also added value to any protection activities will be undertaken in the future.

Apart from the satellite component which gives a very innovative approach to the project as a whole, other results will also be:
– Creation of complementarities and synergies between the outcomes of this project and the already planed on the field monitoring network of the Special Secretariat for Waters of the Greek Ministry of Environment.
– Acquisition of Know-How from the responsible authorities (Gr. and Al.) of the marine area of interest regarding the eutrophication risk.
– Indications of actions to be undertaken in order to address the problem