IMG_2533-1In the framework of the Project: SAIMON – SatellIte Near Real Time Monitoring Network of the Eutrophication Risk for the marine waters over the Greek-Albanian cross border area funded by the European Union, in 17th of May 2016, in Ioannina was held second project management meeting between partners.

The meeting was held to discuss the progress of the project and to decide on the steps to be taken in its final stage. Partners who attended the meeting were Water Directorate of Epirus, Region of Ionian Islands, Milieukontakt Albania and Regional Council of Vlora.

During the meeting partners discussed on the impact that had and will have SAIMON project in central and local institutions dealing with water management, scientific community and citizens. An important part of the discussions was the functioning of the online platform that will be realized within the project through innovative technology, bringing progress by satellite monitoring and showing in near real-time situation of water and its pollution.

The platform will be built with data obtained from partners in the area of Vlora, Thesprotia and Corfu. To utilize the maximum of satellite data for monitoring of eutrophication is important in situ campaing, which will be used for the calibration and validation of satellite data.

Milieukontakt team made a description of the current situation and the data of the first phase of sampling along the 244 km coastline in the beaches of Vlora, Orikum, Dhermi, Himara, Qeparo, Lukova Kakome, Saranda and Cape Stilos. At these points are measured parameters such as Chlorophyll-a, Temperature, Transparency, PH, Phosphorus and Nitrogen. Second phase will be in June and their results will be used to compile statistical models in GIS systems. All data will be published in a common WEB GIS platform of Saimon project.

The company contracted by the Greek side “Planetek Hellas” presented the elements of web GIS and how can be accessed by the project partners and the beneficiaries. The platform through the results achieved will allow the responsible authorities on both sides of the border to address and take action to protect marine waters in both countries, Albania and Greece.

Launching of this platform will be the culmination of the project which aims to:

  • To establish collaboration at a high level between the two countries and lead the bilateral relations towards finding solutions for common problems.
  • To implement a coordinated environmental protection action targeted to the common problem of the eutrophication risk over all the marine coastal waters of the eligible area of the IPA CBC program.
  • To help the responsible authorities to comply with EU directives and national legislation.
  • To make use of the evolution in the Earth Observation technologies and ICT, by integrating those to the everyday working life of the Public Administration.
  • To integrate relevant scientific knowledge in solving a common environmental problem.
  • To raise awareness to the public for the need of protecting the coastal marine environment.

At this meeting, facilitated professionally by Water Directorate of Epirus, it was also discussed joint activities and once more was ensured close cooperation between all partners to achieve the project objectives and results.